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TFT with PCAP Touch

TFT with PCAP Touch

  DLC P/N Size (Inch) Dot Format A.A. (mm) Outline Size (mm) Bri (nits) TFT interface TP interface Remarks TP Controller
  DLC0154ACP03CF-C-2 1.54 240xRGBx240 27.72x27.72 36.58x44.08 250 CPU IIC IPS/Multi-touch CTS816
  DLC0220DDP06MF-C-1 2.20 640xRGBx320 49.44x25.09 51.93x31.39 400 MIPI IIC IPS/On-cell CST326
  DLC0310ADP06MF-C-1 3.10 480xRGBx800 40.32x67.20 43.68x77.02 390 MIPI IIC IPS/On-cell ST1624
  DLC0345AAQ08MF-C-1 3.40 800xRGBx800 87.60x87.60 96.60x99.00 350 MIPI IIC Round/Multi-touch HX8526
  DLC0350F3VG-T-6 3.50 320xRGBx240 70.08x52.56 76.90x64.00 250 RGB IIC Multi-touch FT5436
  DLC0350ACP06RF-C-1 3.50 320xRGBx240 70.08x52.56 76.95x63.95 390 RGB IIC IPS/Multi-touch FT5436
  DLC0410BDP12MF-C-1 4.10 640xRGBx1160 49.44x91.99 51.94x98.29 500 MIPI IIC IPS/On-cell ZT7528
  DLC0430BBM07RT-C-6 4.30 480xRGBx272 95.04x53.86 105.50x67.20 240 RGB IIC Multi-touch TT21402
  DLC0430BEM07RB-C-2 4.30 480xRGBx272 95.04x53.86 105.50x67.20 240 RGB IIC Multi-touch FT5426
  DLC0430BCP10RF-C-2 4.30 480xRGBx272 95.04x53.86 105.50x67.20 430 RGB IIC IPS/Multi-touch FT5426
  DLC0430DCP10RF-C-2 4.30 800xRGBx480 95.04x53.86 105.50x67.20 350 RGB IIC Multi-touch FT5426
  DLC0500IZG-T-5 5.00 480xRGBx272 110.88x62.83 121.10x76.20 340 RGB IIC Multi-touch FT5426
  DLC0500EZG-T-6 5.00 800xRGBx480 108.00x64.80 121.10x76.20 260 RGB IIC Multi-touch FT5426
  DLC0570BXM21RT-C-2 5.70 640xRGBx480 115.20x86.40 127.00x98.43 770 RGB IIC Multi-touch FT5436
  DLC0570GMG-T-2 5.70 640xRGBx480 115.20x86.40 144.00x104.60 350 RGB IIC Multi-touch FT5436
  DLC0686ADP12MF-C-3 6.86 480xRGBx1280 60.22x160.59 84.62x191.59 550 MIPI IIC IPS/Multi-touch FT5426
  DLC0700BWM27RT-C-10 7.00 800xRGBx480 154.08x85.92 164.90x100.00 430 RGB IIC Multi-touch TT21402
  DLC0700BWM30QT-C-1 7.00 800xRGBx480 154.08x85.92 165.00x100.42 680 RGB IIC Multi-touch FT5426
  DLC0700BWM27RT-C-8 7.00 800xRGBx480 154.08x85.92 164.90x100.00 430 RGB IIC Multi-touch FT5426
  DLC0700CBM27HT-C-1 7.00 1024xRGBx600 154.21x85.92 165.30x121.00 600 HDMI USB Multi-touch -
  DLC0700CBM27KT-C-2 7.00 1024xRGBx600 154.21x85.92 165.06x100.32 380 LVDS IIC Multi-touch FT5426
  DLC0700XDP21KF-C-2 7.00 1024xRGBx600 154.21x85.92 165.02x100.19 220 LVDS IIC IPS/Multi-touch FT5426
  DLC0800FIK-T-3 8.00 1024xRGBx768 162.05x121.54 179.26x146.00 300 LVDS IIC IPS/Multi-touch FT5406
  DLC1010BBP39KF-C-3 10.10 1280xRGBx800 216.96x135.60 251.20x161.60 300 LVDS IIC IPS/Multi-touch ILI2301S
  DLC1010EZK-T-9 10.10 1024xRGBx600 222.72x125.28 235.00x144.99 330 LVDS IIC Multi-touch FT5426
  DLC1030ACP27KF-C-1 10.25 1280xRGBx480 243.84x91.44 258.60x107.00 860 LVDS IIC IPS/Multi-touch GT911
  DLC1040ABG-T-5 10.40 800xRGBx600 211.20x158.40 237.10x178.80 260 LVDS IIC Multi-touch EXC3000
  DLC1210BBG-T-1 12.10 800xRGBx600 246.00x184.50 290.00x220.50 390 LVDS USB Multi-touch EXC3000
  DLC1210BAM18LF-C-2 12.10 1024xRGBx768 245.76x184.32 279.00x209.00 390 LVDS USB Multi-touch ILI2511
  DLC1500AML-T-5 15.00 1024xRGBx768 304.13x228.10 326.50x253.50 380 LVDS USB Multi-touch ILI2302M
  DLC1560ABM00LF-C-1 15.60 1366xRGBx768 344.23x193.54 387.00x231.00 260 LVDS USB Multi-touch EXC3161

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